Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chippenham Champ Show

We had a lovely weekend with my Mum staying on her return from America. The dogs were over the moon to see her again and turned themselves inside out with excitement! We had entered Chippenham Champ show a while back so dragged my Mum along to watch. Well... did our clever dogs put on a show or what!! Having not done a champ class with wee Brax for over two years we thought it was time to give it a go, knowing that she was fit enough and coping ok with KC height jumps in training. Matthew (as he put it) did it for a bit of fun! There were 51 entered and some of the best small dogs in the country competing. Our little diddle (twice the age and half the size of a lot of the entrants) was on fire!! She came 7th in the jumping round and 12th in the agility round (veeery slow dog walk) but the times for the jumping round were soooo tight (click to make it bigger)

Here is little Brax in action in Champ jumping

She got through to the Champ Final but unfortunately ran past the tyre which was the penultimate obstacle! Matthew is still kicking himself as if that hadn't have happened Bracken would have got her second Reserve Ticket!! Its hard to tell why it happened. My only thought is that he had pulled her off it once after the dog walk and being a smart little dog maybe she thought a bit too much for herself! Here is her Champ Final run - please excuse the dreadful filming, I was being a nervous wreck!

Brodie and Brooke did very well at Chippenham too! Brodie came 2nd in Grade 7 agility and Brooke came 2nd in Grade 4 agility (with very held contacts, lol!) You can't really see in the photo but they each won a very pretty plate :) 

I really liked these two pictures that I took during the week - Brooke snuggling up to Brodie but he doesn't look too sure about it! Also little miss naked Brooke out playing in the field, her coat is coming through very dark this time round.

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  1. Oh that was such a shame in the final! Matthew did command her to the tyre - I just loved your gasps made it more intense LOL! Well done clever Shelties :)