Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dog Vegas-a show of 2nds!

We had a lovely time at Dog Vegas show over the weekend, despite the slightly wet weather! The doglets were brilliant and were really keen. Brodie only did two classes and was 2nd in G7 agility and 3rd in C6-7 agility. He is pictured above with 4 x 2nd rosettes just to show how pretty the 2nd placed rosettes are! The other two are Brooke's for C4-5 jumping and C4-5 agility. Clever bean! Dolly also outdid herself getting 2 x 2nds in C1-3 jumping - fabby spanner. 

The other J9 doglets competing did really well too - Jenni and Rommy got 2x1sts and a 2nd in C4-5 jumping and Paul and Chester came 2nd in C6-7 jumping. Very proud of how well they did :)

Tired doglets all sofa snuggling after the show-don't know what Sparkles excuse was as she didn't do much!

Love little diddle!! What a hairy little bear she is now-amazing to think that last year we could see her collar as she was so hairless. She has come so far since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism a year ago.

I haven't put a picture of Diva on the blog for a while but this was her first rug experience-she doesn't approve of the colour!!

The doglets chilling in the field today :) Brooke was too busy playing with her ball and Spark was ploting how to get it back!!

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  1. Well done Shelties :) The rosettes look nice and sparkly :)