Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Going visiting!

What a busy couple of days Sparkle has had since coming home! Yesterday I took her and Brooke puppy to Jenni's so that Brooke could have her hair done and Sparkle could meet Rommy and Kizzy the kitten. The three dogs had a play in the garden when I got there and Sparkle was very inquistive and loved Rommy! While Brooke was being pampered I took Spark puppy to Pets at Home in Dunstable for an outing. We did some shopping and while her tag was being engraved she was allowed to sit on the counter and get treats and fuss! We practiced our sit and down on the counter and she was very unfazed by it all :)

Once we got back to Jenni's the dogs had a roam around in the garden. This is Brooke puppy looking lovely and fluffy after her bath!

This is Rommy and Sparkle - she is wearing her new tag!

I have been desperate to meet Jenni's kitten Kizzy who is a Maine Coon cross and she is gorgeous! Brooke thought she would mother her and wouldn't leave her alone (in a nice way!)

Her colour doesn't come out on pictures well but she is a striking blue tabby with gingers bits in her coat. She wasn't bothered by Brookes attention at all!

In fact, they feel asleep looking at each other!! If you click the pictures you can make them bigger :)

Its a hard life!! Sparkle fell asleep on the towel by the door as she was tired after going out in the car.

Had to wake up for a little scratch though - look at that cheeky face!!

Favourite toys so far is are a fluffy tuggy with a ball on the end, a mini tennis ball and Kong Wubba.

After all that playing, a nice cosy lap next to Brax is needed! Excuse the state of my trousers - I had just been out walking!

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