Monday, 18 March 2013

AJAXS show

I made it to Ajaxs show on friday with Dolly spaniel and Brodie. The weather was lovely and I ran in trainers -ground was brilliant! Because of my knee I just did two runs with Dolly so we could practice weaves and contacts in the ring. She was a little superstar!! I held all three contacts in agility and she got her weaves and came 3rd overall!! Unfortunately her run clashed with other peoples so no video of it. She did a lovely run in jumping, didn't quite get her weaves (12 with a tricky entry) but the rest of her course was stunning so very pleased! I need to find a way to reward her NFC, she LOVES food but thats obviously out and she isn't allowed to tug as she is a working gundog. When she stayed at my house this weekend she kept bringing me pairs of socks from the spare room so I may donate a pair and try getting her to play with them!

I didn't run Brodie toad on friday as I wanted to save my knee for Saturday. One of my clients boyfriend ran him in steeplechase as his Christmas pressi from her was to have lessons learning how to handle a dog in agility. He has done such a good job learning with Brax and Brodie that I thought he could have a couple of runs with Brodie. For anyone who knows Brodie it was a big deal as he has only ever competed with me and Matthew. Well my little man sat on the start line looking back at me but as soon as he was released he FLEW round!! Totally took all of us (including Mike) by surprise! Although they didn't get it together in the first run, they got a well deserved 2nd in their second run! I am a very proud Mum :)

Lots of my J9-ers were there on friday and it was great to be able to cheer them on. Here is the list of results  - so also a very proud trainer! (I admit I copied and pasted them from my facebook page)

Chester-1st senior jumping and agility
Bobby-2nd champ steeplechase
Dolly-3rd beg agility
Tutti-3rd beg steeplechase
Tia-2nd senior steeplechase
Rommy-2nd beg jumping and steeplechase, 3rd and a clear beg steeplechase
Brodie-2nd steeplechase with Mike
Ripley-lovely contacts NFC

Matthew and I went on Saturday and it was a bit of a wash out! The mud just overnight was incredible. I only did two runs with Dolly - she loves wet and mud (has flippers instead of paws!) and Matthew did a couple of NFC runs with Brooke. She did a lovely stopped dog walk in the ring for the first time. Her first attempt was a bit slow but good second time round. The only run that video'd ok was Brooke doing S/C. Think my phone got a bit wet!

She went on well ahead of Matthew and did some really nice work. Shame about the pole, she just took off way too early. Unfortunately once she has had a pole she slows down and jumps like a fairy!! Dolly did jumping and agility again. Stunning contacts and got her weaves nicely in the agility run but needed two attempts in jumping. Very pleased for a baby dog! Will try and run her NFC next weekend to reward with socks!! Brodie and Brax didn't run on saturday due to the weather - Brax wouldn't even walk in the mud!!

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