Monday, 4 March 2013

Sunny weather and Sheltie Show

The sun has dared to make an appearance today. It wasn't particularly warm but definitely bright and dry - enough to make me very happy! I think the doglets and ponies liked having the sun on their backs as well.
Little Brax out on a walk today - her coat is really coming in now.

Brodie 'mouse hunting' in the field! I have a funny video of him somewhere that I'll have to find. He is quite effective - he has put up a mouse before from the fence line :) 

Toad on walkies today - particularly shiny at the moment after a recent bath (thank you Jenni!)

I don't have any Brooke pics from today as she didn't stand still long enough and they are all blurry! The shelties say a big thank you to their auntie Sarah who bought them toys - this was Brooke after playing with hers this afternoon. She didn't even make it into her  bed!!

It was the first agility show of the year for Brodie yesterday, the annual Sheltie limited show. He only did one class as Matthew and I help run the show and can't run dogs and help easily. Brodie had great fun doing pairs with his handsome mate Rommy. They both did well on a tricky course and had a great time! Here is a video of their whizz round. Congratulations to Jenni and Rommy for their Steeplechase win as well, he has come back so well after and back injury from being run into by another dog. Definitely a pair to watch this season!! Well done to everyone else who got placed yesterday - it was lovely to catch up with so many friends and their doglets :)

This is Brodie having a rare lap with Matthew after sheltie show - he must have been tired cos he doesn't 'do' laps!!

Sorry if you are bored by now! We actually got round to setting up a course on saturday and did some course running with Brooke. We were testing her dog walk (both run and stop) in a course and she was 100% every time. She is very strong on her verbal commands which is fortunate as unlike Brax, Matthew can't get as near to her! Matthew is testing fast releases on the seesaw and dog walk (when she is doing a 'stop' not a 'run'  on the dog walk obviously!) and she is being a very good girly. 

As with many Brooke videos - please turn the volume down before watching!! 

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  1. Lovely run by Brodie looking good. He looks out for the count! Brooke is going to be a STAR in the agility world (no pressure Mat ;)) Wee pocket rocket Brax gorgeous as ever!