Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A day in the life of Mr Toad

Hi everyone, my name is Brodie (aka Toad) and I am hijacking Mummy's blog to tell you about what I get up to on a normal day.

First thing in the morning, Mummy usually has to wake me up as I do love my bedroom a lot. That is why I get called Toad as lots of people call me a lazy little Toad - how rude!! My favourite way of sleeping is on my back with my paws in the air - its a hard life being handsome!

Once we are all up we go across the fields or round the common. I like the fields best as I get to do lots of sniffing. The ginger whingers pose for photos and run around lots but I prefer sniffing and minding my own business. The only time Brooke puppy stops is for a photo shoot - she is a poser.

Sometimes we go to Mummy's agility field first and then do walks like today but sometimes we do walkies for other dogs first. Mummy borrows Dolly the chocolate coated spaniel to do agility with - I love Dolly as I can fit my nose down her nice Spaniel ears :)

Mummy lets us run around while she sets up the courses and puts them away. I love chasing my ball but only when the ginger whingers aren't there to beat me up. We all get separate time during the week so we get to do things without the others there. The ginger whingers like being at home with Daddy but I love my Mummy time :)

After helping put things away, we go off to walk some doggies. I like going with Jessie as I get to do lots of sniffs but I also walk with lots of others. This is me walking with Freddy - he doesn't like other doggies so he wears a basket on his nose. I am a good boy though and being a wimp I give lots of other worried doggies confidence. 

Sometimes we walk for a few hours so what with that and ball chasing I need to put my feet up again! We like snuggling up on bed for a while. I always sleep on Mummy's feet :)  I will be a tired sheltie this weekend as Mummy says we are going to a agility party- how exciting!!


  1. Legs-a-kimbo (K lies like this)You're such a handsome and good boy Toad :)

  2. I think Toad should do more blogging, I genuinly laughed out loud when reading why he likes Dolly so much, just because his nose fits in her ears!

    I look forward to another update soon (I hope!)