Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bretford Easter Show

Bretford was Dolly and Brookes first KC show and fortunately it went ahead as they managed to move the rings indoors. There was still a lot of snow lying on the ground and like most indoor schools it was bitterly cold but at least it was dry!

Brooke, Dolly and Rommy were all entered in G1-3J, C1-3J and the C1-3 Easter special class. Dolly also did C-13 agility. The Easter special was up first and the two mediums did lovely runs, with Rommy winning by 4 seconds and Dolly coming second. It was the first time Rommy had done a running Aframe in the ring and it was lovely! Brooke did the same course and had a pole (tends to happen when she is racing Matthew) and then jumped like a fairy but worked well. Videos of all runs are on YouTube so I don't clutter up the blog too much! I have posted one of each doglet here though.

Brodie had been entered into C4-7 agility and we had a total blast despite getting E'd. I LOVE running my boy! I didn't call him at all coming out of the tunnel the second time so he whizzed off - bad mummy. It was his first KC height run for over a year and I was really pleased with his speed. Seesaw needs some work but other contacts were nice :)

The jumping courses were a good test as they were in a fairly little ring and there was a serpentine in both. I realised when walking it that Dolls and I have not practiced them recently so I knew it might be a case of winging it! I was really pleased with how she worked as although she got E'd in one (spotted the tunnel and shot off) and had a pole in the other, her speed it coming and her need to be velcro'd to my side is disappearing! She got her weaves confidently too, clever spanner :)

I have to say now that I am very proud trainer as Jenni and Rommy won all three classes that they had entered - wow!! Totally on fire, super sheltie!!

Little Brooke had a bit of a brain freeze in the C1-3J although she managed her weaves well. She was far more confident in the G1-3J and WON it by a good margin!! They had taken the weaves out which was a shame but she did the serpentine lovely and her turns were nice. So proud of her and Matthew!!

Little Brax hadn't done any agility at Bretford so we took them to the field and played on Monday. Brax was CRAZY!! Think she was taking it out on Matthew as she hadn't done anything the day before. Here is a video of her royal shortness doing a jumping sequence - funny little crazy ginger!

Sparkle hasn't had a video posted yet so I did a short one of what she has learnt so far. She is a total dude - willing to try anything, doesn't give up easily and very motivated. She reminds us of Brax in attitude so if she is half the agility dog Brax is I'll be thrilled!!

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  1. Brax is looking great! Faster in every video I see :) x