Friday, 3 August 2012

One of those days...

We decided to bite the bullet and take Brooke to her first show to do a Beginners Steeplechase NFC (not for competition) last sunday. UKA shows are brilliant for this as it gives the baby dogs the chance to be rewarded in the ring which keeps up their drive and motivation.

Brodie and Brax were doing a couple of classes and Brooke was only entered in one as the other steeplechase was too late in the day (I had to get back to do horses). Unfortunately it just turned out to be one of those days!! All three dogs runs clashed so Matthew withdrew from Brax's class and had to run back to the car to get Brooke. In the meantime I ran Brodie in Power and Speed and handled like an idiot - poor Brodie needs a new sat nav!

Anyway, went to watch Brookes first ever run and Matt set her up on the start line and she waited beautifully. Then her nose twitched and off she ran out of the ring! It turns out that her 'Grandma' Lian (her breeder) was behind her and Brooke totally adores Lian. She wouldn't leave the ring for anyone else but she had to say hello!! She did go back to Matt and managed to string some jumps and a tunnel together. It wasn't the positive experience that we'd hoped it would be but at least it was positive for Brooke, just not for Matt :(

It's so long since our other dogs were at their first competitions that you forget what baby dogs do. Brooke is usually such a focused girl when it comes to playing with Matthew so at least we know we need to work on her focus when her Grandma is around! Brooke's brother Sonic did a lovely couple of runs - clever boy :)

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  1. "handled like an idiot - poor Brodie needs a new sat nav" LOL good one! Yeah you forget what puppy's do at a competition! Grandma Lian sabbotage LOL!