Thursday, 26 July 2012

Brodie's girls day out!

Last weekend we had a brilliant days training at the field (ours and other peoples dogs) on the Saturday and on the Sunday Brodie and I went to the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead. We went with two of my 'horsey' friends and it was a great day out - lovely weather, great shopping and loads to watch! Brodie found the whole day exhausting - so many dogs to socialise with! It was funny watching people's reactions to Brodie wearing his swamp cooler coat which keeps him cool. At an agility show in the summer at least half the dogs will be sporting some sort of cool coat. At the horse show it was amazing how many people had their dogs out in the sun all day. 

Brodie could have gone in the shade but wanted to watch the show jumping!

He also got to travel on the back seat in the car - thought he was very important but couldn't stay awake for long...

Brookes weave homework is going well - we have managed at 8 different venues and she is getting much more reliable with distractions around. Entries and distance don't seem to be too much of an issue for her. Our next job is to start getting her to weave from different obstacles - its so much fun tackling all the different challenges that baby dogs need to give them a good all round education. The girls decided to curl up on the sofa together after training :)

As promised here is a Dolly update! She is working well on her dog walk and A frame and her jump sequences are coming on really well. She is still a bit hesitant on the seesaw (weaves and seesaw were not initially trained by me but by someone with slightly older fashioned techniques!) so we are playing lots of the 'bang' game and getting her to run to the end. Her weaves are becoming more independent and she can do 12 almost upright without checking where I am - yay!! I am hoping that she will join Brooke next month doing a steeplechase run and a nursery agility :)

Here is a video of her training. Really I shouldn't be running around in wellies but it was all I had with me that day - oops! She was good at the wing wraps and is more confident each time we work together. She is so cute!!

Here is a video of Dolly dog doing 12 weaves. They are still splayed but at least I can move now without putting her off :) I don't want to close them up too quickly as she would slow down and lose confidence.

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  1. Hope you had a nice time at HS! My friend was competing again this year!