Monday, 6 August 2012

Brooke at UKA (take 2!!)

We went back to the UKA Nationals and Matthew took Brooke into a couple of Steeplechases (nfc) and I took Dolly spaniel into steeplechase and nursery agility. They were both a bit wild in their first run but had nice bits of work. I was so made up that Dolly thought I was worth sticking with as we were right next to the burger van!

Their second steeplechase runs were much better - both dogs were much more focussed and confident. The courses were lovely and flowing, the only difficulty in the second one was the offset jump-tunnel-jump sequence to start with. Dolly got a refusal as I didn't run fast enough and apart from a slight detour to see the judge she did a lovely run, especially up the last line. Good enough for a 2nd though :)

Matthew very sensibly didn't try the start but just did the tunnel onwards. Brooke was having FUN!! She did some lovely work ahead of Matthew and was particularly good up the last line. She is so fast even for Matt that we don't want her to learn to spin and bark at him if she doesn't know where she is going. Its such a difference to wee Brax who never needed to go on as Matt could be there for her.

Dolly also did Nursery agility which was a brilliant course for a young dog - wish all of the nursery's were that flowing. (Last weeks had numerous crosses and tunnel under dog walk!!) Dolly was a superstar and did a lovely wait followed by lovely contacts :) She nailed her dog walk but I'd forgotten that they lower the A frame for Nursery and she failed to stop in a 2o/2o and bless her self corrected. Wow she was great - more  focussed with each run and no spaniel nose!! Sadly not all runs were on video due to the thunderstorm we had :(

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  1. Well done Dolly! The flying skirt aka Brooke LOL is doing well. Could hear the rain :( the weather has been awful!