Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Frosty walk photos

Two tired shelties after training last night - what a cute pair!

On the field this morning - Brax doing her 'I'm cold hurry up and stop taking photos' face!

My handsome Brodie toad

Brodie and Brooke having a sniff - put picture on here to show how much tail and trousers Brooke has got now!

Cute Brax 'praying' for some food!

Brodie and Brooke both went training last night (different places!) and wee Brax got to stay home snuggled up by the radiator! She didn't look in the least bit upset about being left :)

Obviously I didn't see Brooky wooky at school but Matt says she was a good girly and much more tuned in this week and tugging like a looney. All the dogs had at least an hour and half walking during the day including lots of running so Brooke was much calmer.

Brodie worked in class for the first time since Sept and had a great time -he finds the new width weaves hard to get a rhythm in but I'm sure it'll come with time. He ran at small height and was doing some lovely tight turns which we had lost during his injury. It made me smile all the way home knowing that he had a fab time and is enjoying his agility so much :D


  1. Poor Brax, she is soooo tiny and brrrr it is cold out there! I think she needs a wolly jumper :)

    Glad training went well with Brodie and Brooke. She and Sonic are so similar, when he is so energetic and crazy, I can't get him to focus what I want him to do, he jump run and run his own course :)

  2. I feel bad that I didn't put Brax's fleecy coat on - bad mummy! Is Sonic the same as Brooke and doesn't feel the cold? She doesn't care about bad weather - not a diva which is good!!
    She is crazy and bouncy and we totally adore her! Just love their attitude, bet they would both work all day!!

  3. Nothing better than a walk in the crisp air! Bracken and Khandi are so alike love being ladies of leisure :) Lovely pics!