Sunday, 29 January 2012

Brooke redeems herself!!

Brooke has redeemed herself after being very teenage and getting up to mischief! She is just so adorable and cute that even when she is taking the lid of the food bin its hard not to laugh at her!! After the brain blowing excitement of class on tuesday we decided that another 1-1 with Dan was required to get her to focus in a less intense environment. She was still distracted (sure she is brewing a season as she is being a dreadful tart!) but got her working head on and did some lovely bits. Being a horse rider its a bit like judging how much warm up each horse needs before competing - too little and the session is not productive, too much and their wee brains are fried!! Brodie and Brax are good examples - Brodie needs very little walking/mental work before doing agility training as he gets mentally tired quite quickly. Brax on the other hand needs a fair amount or she is crazy! I think before class for Brooke I need to do some attention and focus work as well as having free running during the day!

Anyway, I'm off on a tangent! Brooke did a bit of her 'herdy' behaviour but coped well with doing staircases, stars and a line of three jumps to a tunnel. Here is a video of her in action - bless her :) Blink and you may miss it!!

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  1. I blinked LOL! She is flying :) Aww bless her better lock the boys up :)