Friday, 27 January 2012

Teenage Brooke!

Our little princess is being a bit of a teenager at the moment! Nothing really naughty but just pushing the boundaries with Bracken in particular and seeing what she can get away with (like knocking the lid of the food bin when no one is looking and helping herself!!) She was a pickle at school on tuesday as well - very excited about her toy to the point that her brain stopped working! I probably hadn't helped as I'd had a manic day and they hadn't had as much free running as normal. Also Brooke and I met Matthew there as he had driven straight from work so that was SO exciting for her before she even started class!!

She was excellent at running in straight lines but was very 'herdy' doing an exercise with two sets of wings (no jumps) at 180 degrees. She just kept running round the edge!! I think a lot of it is that she is totally unlike the other two and likes to work further away and we have also done a lot of straight line 'go on' stuff with her. My first sheltie was also very herdy and would constantly circle us on family walks - Brodie and Brax just aren't like that at all. Brooke however is like a mini collie on walks (rounding us up, stalking the others, lying down and then racing off) and seems to handle like one in agility which is something new for us!! She has the speed but now we need to control :)

Tired puppy after class!


  1. Ooops! Look like daddy has passed on the "herdy" bit :)

    Sonic is also like to herd at walk. Funnily enough I was thinking he is nothing like a sheltie that like to lie down and stalk at the others, which I think only big dogs do that. These two are definitely brother and sister :)))

    Bless that little tired princess :)

  2. Nothing like another new dimension too keep you on your toes :)