Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Brooke and her pal Mitch

This is Brooke and her big friend Mitch who I have mentioned in previous posts. As you can see, he is learning to relax around other dogs! When Sarah and Simon first had Mitch, he was extremely reactive to other dogs and would jump, scream, scratch and spin on the end of his lead even if the other dog was 100m away. Gradually he has realised that he can communicate with other dogs and trust that they are not all out to get him, bless him. Sarah and Simon have worked so hard with him so all credit to them, he is such a lucky boy to have such a great home :-)
Firstly he learnt to walk along side Bracken, then Brodie and then both of them together. I thought I would use Brooke as a good test as obviously the older two have been 'stooge' dogs for years now. Brooke is still a bit scatty and excitable but clever little princess was a star! In fact, her and Mitch really hit it off. I love the photo above, she looks so proud of herself and Mitch looks so chilled out!

We have been enjoying this lovely weather recently. This is Brax with 'giraffe' on the field just before Brooke nicked it and pulled its head off!! Last weekend we had the ESSC Working Section AGM and as trophy sec I had the fun job of presenting trophies to lots of lovely shelties and their handlers. Its great to see so many doing so well, so please get out and about collecting points for next year!! Here is a picture of some of the winners

And here are all the trophies that are awarded each year for a variety of disciplines including agility, obedience, working trials and dual purpose including breed showing. Sadly there was no one claiming for the agility grades 1-2 trophies and they are lovely.

Lian brought Sonic to the AGM so it was a good opportunity to do an 11 month photo. Thanks so much to Lian for these amazing pictures and for breeding such a gorgeous pair!!

Brooke pretending to be Mitch!! (Just a small hairy version!)

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  1. Aww poor giraffe LOL! Brax is looking very royal there. Lovely pics :)