Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Brodie and Max news

Sorry for the lack of blog updates - I've had a mad few days! Unfortunately Maxi pony had colic at the weekend which was very stressful as he wasn't drinking :( Vet said that she had seen loads of colics due to dehydration. The temperature went down to -15 at the yard and the buckets were freezing five mins after filling them. Max had been in more than normal so that meant more hay which didn't help with the dehydration. Thanks to all my amazing friends who helped me lunge him and brought hot drinks to keep me going! Also tip for anyone having the same problem - my friend Heidi adds peppermint tea to their water - worked for Max!

Thanks to Holly for taking these beautiful pics of Max - I just LOVE the one of his eye :)

The other news is that my Brodie boy is now 5! I can't believe that its so long ago that I picked him up, brought him home and from the minute I met him I know he was going to be MY dog. I was on the lookout for a tri boy sheltie with a white nose preferably and it was meant to be! He is a proper Mummy's boy and such a lovely little dog to have around, perfect with nervous or aggressive dogs and loves puppies and children. He has tried his hardest for me at everything we have competed at. Brodie is truly a dog in a million, taking me on an amazing journey from my first proper agility competition in Grade 1 up to the dizzy heights of Grade 7 and a RCC!! I owe him so much - I know he'd settle for a lamb bone :) Love my boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday Brodie! Where have all these FIVE years been! I remembered meeting you as a puppy puppy at your first sheltie camp. You were as cute as a button! I still have those cute pictures of you :)

    Max, what a worried! I hope everything is fine now. I so wish they can keep the horses like we keep the dogs warm in the house.