Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow day!

We have had a chilly but fun weekend! The pic above was taken on market day in town and Brodie and Brax are distracted watching a kid having a tantrum but Brooke just sat staring and waiting for Matthew to come back - proper Daddy's girl!

She is a VERY grown up girl now as she helped me in a behavioural session for the first time. Brodie and Brax have been helping Mitch the greyhound get used to relaxing around dogs as he used to just scream, spin and leap around lunging at any dog that wasn't a greyhound. Mitch is a very loving, big huggy boy who if he hadn't found his forever home with Sarah and Simon would probably still be in kennels now being overlooked. Wow he has fallen on his feet - they have put in soooo much work with him and I'm very proud of all of them! He got to the stage of walking with Brodie and Brax without reacting at all. They are both very good as they know when they are being 'stooge' dogs, having helped me with aggressive dogs for years. It was time to introduce Mitch to little Brooke and I did expect a few fireworks as she has never seen such a tall dog, or one that is muzzled and being a puppy she can be quite bouncy and silly! Well they surprised and amazed me!! She got out of the car, threw a few beautiful calming signals in his direction, he did the same back and we had a lovely walk together. So proud of both dogs and they did seem to get confidence off each other. It was quite magical to watch :)

Yesterday evening the snow came down so today Brooke had her first snowy walk. She LOVED it and charged around like a nutter!! Here are a few pics from our walk.

Brax gets snowballs really badly :( I'm not sure if its because she is spayed and has a different coat texture to the other two. My first sheltie Bramble was the same as Brax but Brodie and Brooke seem ok. It does make Brax angry about the snow, even with her coat on! Has anyone got any good ideas on how to prevent this?

Brodie only has a little collection of snowballs!

Tired sable girls!!

Snuggly Brooke - snow is tiring!!


  1. I read somewhere that paw wax or oddly flora white (yes the margarine stuff!) works for the balls between their pads perhaps it would work for feathers too? Except I'd imagine it would be rather greasy...

    The other thing a friend mentioned she bought for her dog is: rather extreme....

  2. Cool thanks - I have paw wax somewhere so will try some on poor Brax whenwe get this next lot of snow! I actually like the idea of 'puddle suit' but think Matt might kill me!!

  3. For a change, we have no snow in Scotland!