Monday, 1 February 2021

Sparkle is the Birthday Girl!

 Sadly last week the Coronavirus death toll for the UK reached 100,000 people and the average daily death rate is 1,200 people roughly. Unfortunately this is the lag from December where people were mixing and preparing for Christmas combined with the new more transmissible variants that have mutated. On the brighter side the vaccination programme is going well and the majority of the over 75's have had their first dose of the vaccine.

I can't believe that Sparkle is now 8 years old, that seems to have passed in a flash! We sadly didn't do anything very exciting to celebrate other than she had a nice chew after her dinner and we actually did a dry walk in the morning! In fact the sun was out and it made the dogs squint in the photos! The day started with a beautiful sunrise

And the little montage I put on facebook, I have finally manage to recreate the beautiful puppy picture I have of her with and she hasn't changed much 💜 Still enormous ears! 

She definitely enjoyed her birthday walk!

And it was nice to have clean dogs for a change!

Also Sparkle is currently the cover star for Agilitynet! 

After the pretty snow last week, this week has consisted mainly for floods and mud everywhere. I honestly don't think that even if we hadn't been in lockdown that I would be able to do much work at the moment! Brodie has managed a couple of potters to the fields over the last week which he really enjoyed and we are working on getting him back to bigger walks slowly as well. Bru was the king of the castle on this bit of left over snowman! 

The mud everywhere has been disgusting, I really want to give the dogs a good run where its not slippery but its so hard! We resort to pavement walking them a lot as it saves so much cleaning. Bru is also less then impressed by mud 😂

Brooke found the (slightly smaller) ex snowman on one of our potters to the field! 

And this van was a bit optimistic about getting through our normal village flood! This is the road in a previous post I mentioned that needed a fire boat as it was too deep for the fire engine! 

I made some flapjacks during the week as well and for whatever reason I cannot get them to set properly! Not sure if its that I used marg instead of butter but I cut them while warm and left them to cool in the tin but they still came apart. They tasted good though! I am going to try a different recipe this week and have another go!

And I had a very exciting package from my Mum...chocolate brownies and a puzzle! They were so yummy! 

I have got round to sorting our dogs portraits out and they just look so lovely all together! My good friend Nicola got a couple for me, the last being Bramble for Christmas so the set is complete now ❤ I decided that they should each have a ribbon in 'their colour' (all our dogs are given a colour so that we know whose stuff belongs to who) and they have worked so well. I haven't decided where to hang them yet!

Its a good thing our boys get on so well, Bru fell asleep on Toads head! 

Toad wrapped up in his blanket! 

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