Monday, 15 February 2021

Happy 14th Birthday to Mr Toad!

 I can't believe that my special boy is 14! He is my little shadow and the sweetest most lovely dude 💙😎 It is one of the few things that is positive about being in lockdown, I have been able to spend a lot more time with the dogs especially when Brodie has been so poorly recently with his pancreatitis flare ups. We have had such cold weather recently with it plummeting to -8 degrees on occasions and the snow and ice has only just gone! It was nice not having to bath dogs after walks for a change! Although not as much snow as my Mum and sister who sent this amazing photo of the snow drifts on their lane 😱

Brodie enjoyed doing some freework on his birthday, this was him checking afterwards that he had found all the food! 

We emptied our garden buckets and Matt made them into an ice sculpture! This lasted for days and has only just melted today now its got warmer.

Please excuse the manky veg bed, its been too soggy or frozen to do anything with it for months!

We have had some beautiful sunrises recently as well! I love the pink clouds in this

And despite having no eggs I made a chocolate cake for Valentines day! It is very tasty! 

I managed to catch a sneaky photo of Spark who went and fetched her cushion and then had a sleep on it! 

And these two are just adorable!! Perfect for Valentines Day ❤

Yesterday when we went out walking I spotted this tunnel on someones drive (people leave stuff out for the scrap van that does the rounds) but as they say one mans rubbish is another mans treasure so I carried it home! Its about 1.5m and will be perfect for hoopers! 

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