Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Snow, grooming, food and jumps!

 I finally managed to get some photos of snowflakes on the dogs hair! I have been trying for a while and yesterday it snowed all day so I managed to get these

I also got some fun snow photos on our walk across the field!

Cheeky tongue! 💛

Beautiful Bean! 💚

Mr Toad! Can't believe he is 14 tomorrow! 💙

Miss Sparkle 💜

The last week has involved lots of yummy food...some baking, a visit to the bank, our weekly visit to Harpenden and also the most lovely surprise!! Rupert was my little helper on my trip to the bank, we also got a coffee from one of my favourite places and Bru wanted to say hi to the dogs waiting! 

Brodie toad got to do the Harpenden walk as he is feeling a wee bit better this week thank goodness

We did roast beef in the slow cooker and it was lovely and such a feast! 

I also baked some ginger cookies and they were probably my most professional looking batch yet!

They are also very popular with the dogs!! 😂

My lovely surprise was a box of the most beautiful cupcakes left on the bonnet of the van by one of my lovely clients! She is a brilliant cook and I would highly recommend Julies Cake Company in St Albans, not only do they taste delicious they look too pretty to eat! 

Yesterday I decided to give all the dogs a brush and do their nails, they were needing it!

I've actually been out in the garden over the last week before it snowed again! I managed to weed the patio and one flower bed and chop some dead stuff back.

The Peony is coming back to life!

The patio before weeding, it needed doing!

The flower bed all tidy finally!

The garden was also dry enough use the grass! So I finally got round to filming my retrieve video for J9 and also doing some jump work with the younger two dogs!

They were very tired afterwards! 

Bru has taken to sleeping here which is cute!

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