Monday, 25 January 2021

Snow spam!

 We have had some snow! It started during my walk yesterday morning (Matt stayed at home to look after Brodie as he is still having a pancreatitis flare up. By the time I got back with the other three it was snowing quite heavily and Toad enjoyed a potter in the garden! 

The morning started with a heavy frost

And we ended up with a few inches of snow! 

And of course we had to go and play in the garden!! 

This is possibly my fav photo! Toad has been feeling so rough but really enjoyed playing in the snow!

During the week I made some chocolate cookies, now thinking of what I can bake next? 😁

I also managed to finish another puzzle!  I'm not sure why it is sideways though! 

I have also been reading Captain Toms autobiography that my Mum got me for Christmas, he has lead such an interesting life! 

Thanks to everyone asking about Toad, he has been having a bad flare up which has meant many sleepless nights and him feeling very sorry for himself. In some ways its a relief that Im not working as the weather is so bad that I would be cancelling anyway and at least I can spend some sofa time with Toad 💙

I ventured out for a snowy walk with the younger two this morning and got some cool photos, sorry for the photo spam! 

Our road this morning

They found a friend on the fields! 

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