Monday, 11 January 2021

Winter lockdowns are tough...

 So the first week of lockdown is over and it has been tougher than last time, I think mainly due to the weather and not being able to spend time in the garden doing jobs without freezing! At the moment we have Brodie having a pancreatitis flare up which involves lots of going in the bath and sleepless nights, Bru has a split nail high up and is fed up of not running around or being able to lick it, Spark pulled up lame at the weekend after running for no apparent reason so Brooke is the only one currently not broken! Typically I was just starting to get stuck into some conditioning work with them and wanted to do some garden agility exercises with the younger two! I'm sure they will all be better at some point but it is a bit frustrating. 

Sad little Rupert 😢

My two can be quite sweet sometimes!

Toad was enjoying his exercises before his flare up

No room on the sofa!!

I have had some nice walks over the last week (this is before Spark was sore!)

Nothing wrong with this trot!

A rare three headed sheltie!

Bean and I found a stone snake at the local duck pond although she was too busy watching the ducks!

We even dug the treadmill out of the garage as another way of exercising Bru without his foot getting dirty (he walks a bit funny with boots on!) Session 1 was a bit chaotic as Brodie wanted to walk on it too and Bru kept sliding off backwards!

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