Wednesday, 10 April 2019

GT UKA and a Party!

Well we FINALLY did it! Spark is now champ performance at UKA, it seems to have taken a looong time but now we can do Masters competitions! (And yes she is still Beginners in steeplechase but we don't enter them!)

On Saturday I was invited to a Birthday party! A lovely lady I teach was celebrating a big Birthday and had done all her baking for it, afternoon tea was absolutely delicious. The most incredible thing is that she is a Type 1 diabetic and can't have any of her bakes!

And look at the Birthday cake! The detail is incredible.

Bracken had a PJ kind of day on Saturday, she is allowed to be a lady of leisure at her age! 

And this was the others after the show on Sunday...look at Brookes face!

Bru did his first ever competitive UKA run at the show in the beginners steeplechase qualifier! He had an unfortunate refusal on one jump but would have qualified otherwise, he was flying!! 

Also this week Freddy dog turned 11, we went for a Birthday walk along one of my favourite footpaths full of gnarly old trees and ivy

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