Friday, 12 April 2019

A Day in the Life of Bracken (aged 14)

My day starts when my Mum and Dad drag me out of my 'Pigloo' for a walk, I love my bed and don't really like getting up in the morning, especially if I have made them get up in the night so I can have a wee...old dog issues! My kidneys are a bit rubbish so I do need to wee a lot but it also means I get four or five meals a day so I'm not complaining!

We usually go for 20-30 minutes walk in the morning, even if it is raining they make me walk 😒 I am a fair weather walker...have they not realised this yet? I have owned them long enough!

Today was one of my zapping days! My lovely physio Sally zaps my kidneys with a special laser which recharges them, I think I surprise the vets as I was diagnosed with kidney failure two years ago now. This is me trying to get into Sallys van!

After zapping Mum walked my brothers and sisters (otherwise known as the underlings) and then we hung out on the common with some vile thing she drinks called a coffee. I enjoyed all the sniffs but I was glad I had my coat on as it was a bit chilly!

She wanted me to pose for a 'selfie' but conveniently left herself out...good thing I am so beautiful! 

After walking someone elses dog and the underlings, Mum walked me at work up the lane in the sunshine, look at me go! 

When I got home I hung out in the office with my Dad and stinky Rupert...we get to be in the special Daddy pen so no one steals my bad. That stupid collie likes getting in my bed and makes them smelly 😠 Look at where the heater is as well, I love a snooze in a cosy bed!

In the evening I move into my lounge bed, it is very comfortable and I can sleep in here for hours while the underlings all sleep on the sofa. This is a fairly normal day except for my zapping! Sometimes I even do another walk as well but today I was tired from the excitment! Love Bracken x

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