Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Some indoor training and a very old video...

Over the last two weeks Matt and I have enjoyed spending time with each other and the doglets and I'm feeling quite lost now we are both back at work. We had the Braxway boys first birthday party at the weekend and although it was lovely to see them all together, the weather was awful and we all got soaked and cold! Pics to come in next post once I sort them out.

I hired the dog barn between Christmas and New Year to get a session in for our dogs as well and to take a step closer to overcoming Sparkles fear of cameras. Matt took some brilliant pics of the dogs that came training and got some nice ones of Miss Sparkly in the weaves (which he hasn't sent me yet!) As a thank you I let him run Spark and they both thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

It was also a good chance to try her turns on a new dog walk and I was really pleased with them...just got to do it in the ring now!!

Matt has been sorting through some very old videos over Christmas and found some lovely ones of our guys as puppies and my lovely Bramble (who is 13/14 in the videos) this is one of my favourites! I had forgotten how much Bramble sounded like a sealion!!

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