Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dog Vegas and crazy agility shelties!

We have had some beautiful weather and frosty morning but so pretty yucky rain as well! These are some pics from the nicer days :-)

Toad looking so handsome!

I have actually been able to get out on the fields and walk them after 4pm!

Happy doglets on a dry day!

I have managed to do some teaching and the dogs have loved racing round the field again. I love Brax in this pic, in position to chase Sparkly! 

I took Dolly and Sparkle to Dog Vegas recently and it was a really nice show but so so cold. Jenni was competing Rommy and Squidge had fun watching the action-he is so sweet taking it all in!

Dolly was a good girly and won Grade 4 jumping despite a detour at a tunnel! Not bad considering we haven't trained in ages!

Little Sparkalina was brilliant at her first Grade 5 show and won the Graded 5-7 jumping! She also had the fastest time in the C1-7 jumping but had a pesky pole down as I front crossed. This is homework for us! We got the cutest trophy :-D 

The older two shelties are back from their agility holiday and loved doing a bit at Dans. They were both bonkers! This is Brax having a run round...not bad considering she is 11 in March! 

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