Monday, 11 January 2016

Leamington Rally

Sorry this is a bit out of order but I forgot to post about the Rally competition we went to at Leamington! The dogs were a bit rusty and so were we and it was a windy wet day which didn't help as the KC buildings shutters rattle constantly in the wind. Brooke came out and watched some of the action...not very calmly as she wanted to join in!

This is Matt in the ring with Brax...they got an excellent score of 190 and were just out of the placings. The rings were all back to back as you can see in the pic. Didn't worry the older two but it definitely made it very distracting for the younger dogs!

Spark got spooked by the shutters rattling before her round, then just before we went into the ring she saw two people she knows and got very excited. The photographer appearing at the ring half way thru her round finished her off bless her! She somehow got a qualifying score of 175 but was very distracted all the way round. I shouldn't have taken her in the ring and I'm still kicking myself that I did. I got her back in the building playing a few times thru the day which helped.

Brodie was my little star as always! His first Level 3 (off lead) and he got an excellent score of 197 and came 6th! He had some the exercises that he finds hard too. So proud of him! :-)

Last sofa pic from 2015...Sparks face sums up her day and so does Toads!! Brax isn't in it as someone else collected her rosette for us :-)

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