Monday, 15 February 2016

Busy times for the Burdett doglets!

 I know that Brooke now has her own blog on her journey back to fitness but here are some pics of what she has been up to being a 'normal' dog again! She is enjoying walks with the others again (on lead)

She saw her son Squidge when Sparkle went for a groom and also met Happy the Maine Coon kitten...she loved him! 

Shelties begging for food? Never...! :-)

Brodie has been enjoying his Rally the point that he barks when its not his go and bounces around like a lunatic! He has been wearing a coat today as its so chilly. Since I last updated my blog Toad has turned 9 and Sparkle is now 3!! 

The countdown to Crufts has begun! How awesome is this logo for my team kit...Brodie has some very fancy stuff to wear as well!

So given that Crufts and the show season is fast approaching I have been starting to do a bit more training with the doglets...they have been doing balance work and road walking but I'm stepping up their agility training more now when I can. Brodie did some great team training with the rest of the team on a crufts surface and Sparkle and Brax had a session there as well. My field is ok again now so looking forward to getting back doing more! 

My little cuties this morning...

Miss Sparkle and I went to Scrambles fun show again and this time Dolly's owner brought her and Dixie to compete as well. It was great to reward in the ring. The girls did me proud with Dolly winning the C4-7 agility and Sparkle winning the C4-7 jumping! Little Dixie got a clear round at her first ever show :-D 

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