Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas fun :-)

We had a lovely Christmas time and felt very spoilt with all the lovely pressis we received! Our physio Sally gave the dogs a toy each which caused a lot of excitement, even though Brooke couldn't play with her toy it made a nice pillow! 

Sparkle then stole it once Brooke was back in her pen-nice teeth!

Meanwhile Brodie had his sights firmly set on the squeaky penguin!!

Our little tree is very dinky but pretty...I got a cute sheltie ornament to hang on it from Squidge's Mum :-)

And for those of you wondering what the inside of the edible baubles looked like-he is one. They were soooo yummy! Thanks Amy!

Meal almost ready...

Brodie wondering if there is any ham for him!

After all the excitement in the morning, the afternoon consisted of napping!

As we didn't take enough crates when we stayed at Matts mums Brodie slept on the bed...smug boy!

Sparkle only joined him in the morning...she was a good girl and stayed on her vetbed!

Thanks to everyone for our lovely presents and cards, we really appreciated them. I also managed to catch up with some very special friends running up to Christmas which was such a treat xx

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