Monday, 7 December 2015

Getting festive :-)

Not the best pic but the Christmas tree and decorations have gone up. Brookes pen is decorated as well and the tinsel matches her vetbed and Santa Paws stocking!

Brooke is doing well, she seems to be moving ok despite looking stiff but then that is to be expected as she doesn't use her muscles at all. She has a month of rest left before she can't start rehab work. She is such a good patient luckily! I have heard a few stories from people whose dogs have recovered well and gone back to agility so there is hope yet. This is my normal morning coffee session! Brooke getting biomag therapy and Sparkle the other side

The weather has been wet and windy and very mild for December. I have been so busy working that I have been doing six day weeks as have had a lot of workshops to teach at the weekends. I am looking forward to a lie in! I have had some lovely dog walks despite the weather :-)

I totally adore this photo!! Sparkle can't believe the shelties-she says she is working with amateurs!! 

Sunrise on the field and Sparkle almost getting blown away!!

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