Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Rally at the Dog Barn and MADS

I took my two to compete at the Dog Barn in a Rally competition on Saturday, Brodie was doing Level 1 and 2 and Sparkle was just doing Level 1. It was a very soggy day so I'm really pleased that my Level 1 ring was indoors! It was a lovely show though and again I was struck by how friendly and helpful everyone is. They had lovely Rally themed cakes on sale as well!

Brodie was a total star! He was a bit unsettled in his Level 2 round as a car backfired and put him off but the judge was lovely, stopped the clock and let me take a second to settle him. He ended up 5th which I was amazed at! He did his Level 1 round like an absolute dream, so attentive and everything just flowed. Spark on the other hand I had to work hard to keep her attention and it felt much more messy. I could not believe it when Brodie came 2nd with 207 points (out of 210) and Spark won it with 208!! I had seen some amazing obedience dogs go round and they were sooo accurate but I forget that Rally isn't necessary about perfection, its about flow and connection with your dog and each judge looks for slightly different things. 

My two having a rare moment of looking angelic! 

On Sunday we went to MADS UKA show, mostly to do Masters with the older two and do some nfc with Sparklina, particularly aluminium dog walks as they are more of a challenge for her than wooden or plastic. I handled Brodie like a numpty and got E'd in both bits of masters, Matt and Brax on teh other hand came 2nd in both bit making them 2nd overall and qualifying for the grand finals again! Spark did some good nfc stuff too-love UKA for baby dogs! 

Brooke bean is being a good girl most of the time and continues to stay so happy despite all of her restrictions. We had coffee on the comm on today and she loves people watching-she has always been very curious!

No wonder they made such gorgeous babies!

This is Spark BEFORE her weekly agility lesson! She was so cute all curled up that I felt bad waking her up!

And this is her having a race around the field today with Squidge...if you look closely you can see Toad mousing in the long grass!

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