Monday, 6 July 2015

Milton Keynes show

Naughty blogger! I have got behind a bit, probably due to keeping everything up to date on Facebook and Instagram and forgetting to blog! Anyway first news is that Brodie and Brookes boys are 6 months old today-Happy Half Birthday to the Braxway boys!! We are having a little party tomorrow so hope to put lots of pictures on here of them next week. I love seeing them grow and seeing how they differ from each other but how they have all got some of their parents traits (good traits I hasten to add!) As one of my pup owners said, she is so pleased that Blaze has his Mums work ethic and his Dads temperament and both their good looks-to be honest comparing them to their parents is the highest compliment Matt and I can be paid as breeders! We are really pleased with how they are all turning out and what a great job all their owners are doing with them :-)

Anyway that was off on a tangent! Last weekend I went to Milton Keynes show and ran Sparkle and Brodie. Sparkle did two jumps each day and Brodie did pairs with Helens Sweep on the first day and two runs on the second day. Mine aren't used to doing two days in a row and I was glad that they coped really well with the excitment, especially as the weather was so warm. Sparkle had a pole in her first jumping at Grade 4 but otherwise did a lovely run and made a minor whoopsy in the 1-7 but really pleased with her weaves in both classes. 

Here was her G4-5 jumping. I cued her late on the pull in which is why she took the pole.

The J9-ers did really well with Jenni and Rommy winning the C1-7 Brillo Bounce qualifier and Sarah and Bailey winning Grade 1 jumping!! On the Sunday Sparkle did a stonking run in the G4-5 jumping and won it! It was one of those runs that just went to plan and felt amazing, lovely to start getting that connection in the ring with her and trusting her more. Our other jumping was not so weaves straight after a tunnel...cue Sparkle looking confused and wondering what on earth I am talking about! Mr Toad did an awesome run in the agility to finish 3rd, just fractions behind Rommy-go J9 sheltie boys!! I don't have any videos from Sunday sadly. Here is the sofa picture-they look at bit miserable but I think they are just tired!

I took Dolly, Dixie and Sparkle to Kelluki on Friday as they had a practice ring with full aluminium equipment in it...and they allowed food in the ring!! I didn't enter Spark but played in the practice ring with her twice and she did beautiful dog walks, seesaw and weaves. Just the metal A frame that seems to be the issue now. Hoping to practice at a friends soon to give her more confidence. Dolly was running nicely considering the heat and came 3rd in a very fast Novice steeplechase! Dixie (Dolly's younger 'sister') was along to get measured and loved playing in the paddling pools!

Matt and I went back to Kelluki on Sunday so Brax could do Masters but sadly it wasn't to be this time as she got E'd in the jumping. Here is her Masters agility run which unfortunately the timer failed on so she had to do it all over again, poor Diddle! I missed the start and its not the best filming.

Brodie did a steeplechase and a jumping and managed to get 2nd in the jumping-love running my boy! He tries soooo hard bless him, only a second off the winner who is a collie! Miss Sparkle played nfc agility and we did gamblers for competition and she was hilarious, good thing there wasn't actually a course to do as she was wild but somehow managed to win it and got a pink lead! (The yellow rosette is Dollys)

Brooke bean is doing ok, she is visiting lots of places to hang out and people watch! She is good at having her bio mag therapy too :-)

And here are a few random pics from the last couple of hot weeks!

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