Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A day in the life of a bored dog!

Brooke has had many weeks of not being allowed to run around and do normal dog things so she has made some notes about fun things to do if you are restricted just in case other poorly dogs could get some tips...over to Brooke!

 I am not allowed to do ANYTHING at the moment, I even have to go to the toilet on lead which is really embarrassing :-( Because I hurt my shoulder I have to be in a pen or a crate most of the time and am not allowed to walk or be loose in the house. I have a choice of beds in my pen as sometimes I like my bed with sides to put my chin on and sometimes I like my blanket so I can stretch out. I also have a special Back on Track bed that is therapeutic and I love sleeping on that in Dads office and in my crate at night.

Eating is the highlight of my day!! I love my food and its sad as I don't get to eat as much now as I'm not running around. My Mum and Dad have a huge variety of food toys for us doglets. Here are some of the toys I get my food in to keep me busy! Since I had my operation I haven't been drinking very much so my food has been really well soaked which makes it harder to get out of the food toys. Sometimes Mum is really mean and freezes it in my Kong toys-grrr!! You don't need to have fancy toys though, sometimes they put my food in a plastic bottle or a folded up bit of cardboard and I love ripping it up. I have used some fun food games too that involve pushing and sliding things but I got a bit too wild with my bad leg-oops!

I am having this thing called bio magnetic therapy twice a day at the moment. My lovely physio Sally has lent Mum and Dad a machine and I have started to associate this with sofa and bed time! I get to cuddle up on the sofa in the morning while Mum has her cup of coffee and at night time they let me curl up on the bed to be done as it takes 20 minutes each time. It is warm and nice and I often doze off having it!

If Dad is working from home then I hang out with him in his office for the day spending some of my time attached to him via a lead and some of the time in a crate. If I have to go with Mum in the car then I get my own crate on the back seat so none of the others bash into me and I get a hoof to chew on-yippee!! I love hooves and Mum says they are good for my figure as I can't eat them like most other chews :-) 

Because of Mums job she is like a flea in a fit and we go all over the place! She takes me out and lets me sit watching the world go by. This is me and Brax having a picnic. Mum had walked my lovely husband Brodie and stupid Sparkle and they had got all smelly in the river so us posh gingers wanted to get as far away as possible! Mum let us sit out while she ate lunch. I am getting good at going to coffee shops too-Cafe Nero is my favourite...I can sit in if its nasty weather and sit out on the the common if its sunny. Otherwise I would get no fresh air! Dad is strong so that he carried me on a walk round the fields. It was nice to be out with everyone again. They say I've got to stay at the vets on Friday for another operation so wish me luck everyone.

My puppies cheer me up and they are now handsome 5 month old boys!! Here is a picture of each of them, so proud of my boys :-)

Squidge (with his brother Rommy)

Blaze in his new harness

Maverick graduating from puppy class

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