Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Little visitor and random pics!

We have a little sheltie shaped visitor at the moment! Blaze has come to stay while his Mum and Dad are on holiday. We are loving having him to stay and he has slotted in really well with the other doglets. He is a very happy, cuddly little boy :-)

Here he is posing with his Mama Bean-he isn't as tall as her yet but taller than Brax (not hard!) 

Grandpa Matt and Blaze at puppy class-he was very attentive!

Granny and Blaze selfie! (although it makes me look like I have a moustache lol!)

The whole gang together-what a gorgeous load of doglets!

In between puppy cuddles and work I have done a bit of dog walk training this week-I did a session that was 100% hits (on 11 reps) which was brilliant as its finally coming together after me being almost ready to chuck a stop in!

Brodie found a fake cat on his walk and stared at it like this for about a minute while I almost wet myself laughing-he never fails to make me laugh, my little clown!! 

First rainy day for a while so I went fishing in the field and caught a collie :-p

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