Monday, 20 April 2015

Training, showing show and Wallingford!

My two have had a very busy three days! I hired Chance dog trainings lovely indoor venue to practise contacts somewhere else with Sparkle and see how they coped on the carpet. Unlike a lot of the training arenas with poorly cushioned astroturf, this one is actually the same as the one at Crufts (it is the actual carpet from Discover dogs) My guys loved running on it! Here is a video of them training-thanks to Jenni for filming :-)

Jenni ran Rommy and bought Squidge out for a play as well. Being somewhere new didn't bother him and we discovered he has inherited his mamas love of cage balls!

On Saturday we went to a local fun show. Brodie only did one class but managed a 3rd out of a decent entry in AV Pastoral/Working. Jenni got this lovely picture of him in the ring. Just love this boy!!

And here he is posing! His coat has been looking so lovely since he has been on Millies and its hard to believe that he was struggling with pancreatitis for so long. Sparkle was a good girly at her first showing show and came away with 3rd in Best Condition and in Best Trick!

Yesterday we went to Wallingford show. Brodie managed a 7th in C6-7 Agility and was a bit too wild in the jumping getting E'd! Sparkle had two E's but they were good ones. She found the distances quite tight but left the poles up which is progress!! 

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