Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter, catch up with the pups and pondering running contacts...

Two weekends in a row I have done a UKA show in not the best conditions! I took Brodie and Sparkle to Lydiard and the wind was horrendous to the point an Aframe blew out of the ring! Brodie was a good boy and came 2nd in a steeplechase. Miss Sparkle had a couple of poles in the Beginners steeplechase qualifier and would have qualified if she had kept them up! She had a crack at Gamblers (all contacts had been removed so it was a tunnel or weave gamble-I opted for tunnel so we didn't get max points but she had a nice blast and came 2nd! Her first rosette this year :-)

I took Dolly and Brodie to UKA Easter and he did a lovely agility run to finish 3rd despite a bit of dithering! Dolly did a lovely jumping run and was 5th (placed to 4th) in a good sized novice qualifier-good spanner! Well done to Jenni and Rommy who qualified for the Grand Finals!! Brodie had fun socialising-here he is trying to get into Rowenas caravan :-)

I also got to see Squidge and Blaze at UKA Easter-what fabulous pups! Happy and confident around the rings at their first show on the ground. This is Blaze doing some downs next to the rings

And Squidge having a tug round the rings-yes it was very muddy and chilly but the pups weren't bothered!

Yesterday we went to Matts Mums for dinner and took Brax. She was eyeing up Matts carrot cake but trying her best to be sweet and innocent! 

Brooke is still on lead walks only and very fed up bless her. She has her physio check up tomorrow so hoping to find out how she is doing. She is very naked after the pups and is shedding hair like crazy! Still such a pretty girly though.

Sparkle and I have been trying to practice our running contacts as we have had a few ropey session since her coming back into work after her season and my 8 weeks off due to the pups. I think it is lack of confidence so trying to get her out to different venues on varying dog walks. She was good in our session the other day-she did five dog walks in total and had three hits like the picture, one total miss and one miss where she tried to dunk a front foot in. 

I will give it a few goes in the ring and see how she gets on but sooooo tempted just to whack a stop in and be done with it! All the courses at Crufts pretty much required a stop and a lot of handlers with running dog walks either struggled or their dogs missed. Same story in a lot of champs. Lots of think about! Brodie has a running contact and when I got to G7 most of the courses had turns off the dw so I trained him to stop too and its come in really handy. Here is Toad demonstrating his stop at the weekend (wrong end of tunnel after dw) Please excuse the dither by the weaves and the messy handling after the tunnel! 

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