Monday, 12 January 2015

New Years Blessings

I will do a proper pupdate at some point but for everyone who has asked, The first Braxway litter is here! Brooke had three beautiful boys on January 6th. Two tris and one shaded sable and they are just gorgeous! She is a natural Mummy and it is just lovely watching her with them. Here are a couple of pics just for now :-)

Boys on Day 1 with tired Mummy Bean

Boys on Day 3 from L-R...Smithy, Bryn and Gavin. Don't worry these are not their permanent names! I'm sure their new owners have got some great names lined up for them. Smithy is just a mini Brooke, Gavin is a mini Brodie (including the sleeping on his back!) and Bryn is half 'n' half! Love these boys already and literally can spend all night just sitting watching them!

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