Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Massage, puppies and dog walks

Brodie and I enjoyed having some 1-1 time over the weekend as I took him to an Introduction to Massage Workshop which was very informative and Brodie enjoyed being a guinea pig! He also got to take Sparkles place in my weekly lesson with Dan as we have a show coming up and thought we needed some practice. He was AMAZING! I have always hated pull throughs and Dan got us doing them a totally different (very European) way. Brodie never ceases to amaze me as he has never done more than a handful of ketchkers but he tries his hardest to work out what his dippy Mum wants him to do!!

I can't believe the boys are 3 weeks old today! They are very active now and starting to lick mushed up food and yoghurt off my fingers - it is a messy business! They are confident, playful and just gorgeous, can't ask for more :-) Here is a video of them playing last week

I haven't got out to do as much training as usual due to puppies but I had a quick dog walk session at the field today. Sparkle loved having a play! We only did a few but she got 100% hits and I managed to prop my phone up and film one :-)

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