Monday, 7 April 2014

Thank goodness for the doglets...

 I am having a bit of a bad time at the moment, just one of those weeks I guess but I wish I could fast forward to the weekend. Last Friday I managed to drive into the back of someone who slammed their brakes on for a cyclist. Me and the other driver were fine but the cars didn't fare so well. One of those things but really annoying as my car is my travelling office and dog transport! The other thing happening tomorrow is Max pony starts his travels back up to his old owner in Scotland. I will miss him dreadfully but its for the best and I know that he is going to be spoilt to bits. A few other things to stress about at the moment as well but I can always count on these guys to make me smile!

This is Sparkle doing her first ever big girl jump! She is now 14 months and I am training her on small height and need to get her up to midi really. I am going to pop her over the odd medium jump as well. She only jumps a couple of times a week in short sessions which is plenty what with trying to train weaves and contacts too! Spark has just started doing weaves in earnest, she has figured out her entries quite well and is back to front to all our other dogs finding flat entries easier than wrapping the first pole. Her running dog walk is looking lovely so I'm going to giver her a couple of weeks off that to see if she remembers her criteria.

Matt did some contact training with his girlies at the weekend (due to having no car I couldn't go to what I'd planned) This is Brooke doing dog walks with Matthew not moving much on purpose to see how much she understands her job. She loves it!

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  1. Yip, doggies sure know how to make you feel better :) Some nice pics. Sparkle is so gorgeous!