Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Shuttleworth and IFCS practice

After a awful week what with Max going back to Scotland, my car accident and then some old woman driving into Matts car while I was using that, we needed some cheering up at the weekend! Thanks to all my lovely friends and of course Matthew for their company and concern, I really am so lucky to know such great people! On Saturday we went to Spring at Shuttleworth and it was only Brooke running as Dolly couldn't fit in our little car! Brooke did some amazing runs with just one little thing in each of them but she did manage a very respectable 9th in C4-7 jumping-video below.

I must say I am very proud of all my J9 doglets and their handlers at the show! Jenni and Rommy won agility and jumping making him well and truly G5! Chester beagle came 3rd in C1-7 jumping and 3rd in G6 agility. I'm sure his last G6 win is not far away :)

On Sunday we went to Lians to practice running some hard courses in preparation for the IFCS World Champs next month. The shelties were amazing and little Brooke held her own trying out the courses too. She likes to commentate as she goes round the course as you can tell!! A big thanks to Lian and Colin for having us to visit and for these gorgeous photos.

My Brodie in the weaves-love the concentration on his face!

Flying hamster! Brax was really up for it!!

The sheltie gang going to the Netherlands! From l-r...Brodie, Brax, Sizzle and Sonic. Sheltie power!! :D

Sparkle didn't do any agility on Sunday but had a lovely time playing in Lians garden. She found a great friend in Seren who is a month younger than her-they were so cute together!

Playing is hard work!

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  1. Sorry to hear about all your mishaps, as long as you are okay. Yip, she is a flying skirt :) Some lovely photos! Good Luck at ICFS GO Sheltie Power!