Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Brooke goes G5!!

Brooke had a very successful weekend with Matthew at WBSDS show at Newbury! She managed to win both of her C3-5 jumping classes making her G5! I was not able to go as Brodie had hoovered up some chicken in my field on Friday so we were at the vets on Saturday bless him. He is much better now luckily! As I couldn't be there I asked my lovely J9-ers if they could video Brookes runs. So here are her two jumping runs thanks to Paul, Maria and Jenni :)

I apologise for all the videos and rosette pics on the blog recently, I'm sure its a bit boring but I use it as a diary to record the doglets progress. Its just that they have been very clever recently and I'm very proud of Matt and Brooke! The other J9 doglets competing did very well too, Rommy got a 5th in a jumping and Chester beagle got a few 2nds-just knocking on the door of G7!!

and the other run

Here is Brooke getting sofa time to herself!

And the others having a snuffle in the field last week-this was before the chicken incident!

And guess what Sparkle has been learning to do recently?!


  1. Great news! Well done Brooke :-)

  2. Well done Brooke bean! It's about time :)
    Aww ... poor Toad, hope he is ok and ready for IFCS x

  3. Woohoo well done Flying Skirt brilliant! I love all the videos and the picture not boring at all :) Hope Brodie is feeling better x