Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Puppy squidging and dog walks

We went up to Lians on Saturday to see her puppies and do some agility work with Brooke bean with her Grandma around! We were blessed with a lovely sunny day and no wind! I took some puppy pictures on my phone but they didn't all come out that well-here is one of the cutest photos!

Lian does such a great job socialising her pups-its like a giant adventure playground in her lounge and as a result the pups are confident and play monsters! :)

Matthew ran his two girlies round over some courses while we were there and Lian took some pics-what amazing photos!! Thanks so much for these :) 

These are Brooke managing to concentrate with her Grandma Lian there-love the gobby picture!

Brax also got her pic taken, she looks so happy in this one!

And so typically Bracken in this one-naughty!! Hard to believe she is an old lady!!

On the Sunday I did some dog walk training with Sparkle and seesaw training with Brodie. Thanks to Helen I have the use of her low trestles for a couple of weeks so Sparkle can get used to a low dog walk. I am using Bonny Quicks method which I am loving as its about shaping the behaviour and Sparkle loves playing shaping games! Here is a video I put together of our whole 3rd session on the low dog walk, warts and all!


  1. Sparkles dw is looking bloody amazing. Her last one was ace! Clever girlie!

  2. I love Sparkle! Clever girl, she looks fantastic :-)

  3. Awwww soooo jealous puppy cuddles Shade is so handsome! Clever Sparkles! great pics of the girls :)

  4. Thank you for coming to socialise the pups. It's really good for them to get used to different people handling them :)
    Love Bean, she's so crazy. I am so glad that I have her gobby brother :)