Monday, 17 March 2014

Photo shoot!

We had a fun photo shoot for our sponsors Jamieson's yesterday. The sun was out and it was t-shirt weather so perfect conditions to get some really lovely pictures. I can't wait to see how the photos turn out and the dogs were superstars dong action shots over jumps and through the weaves. I was very impressed by Sparkle who did a couple of small jump sequences with Claire (the photographer) sitting on the ground and she didn't run over to see her at all. Gives me hope that she might not get too distracted in the ring!

This was my not very good attempt at an action shot!

Still shots of shelties are much easier!

The girls got to do a bit of training with Matthew as well so they were very happy. I think we are all ready for the show season to start now-bring it on!! I have managed to do some training with Dolly a couple of times this week. Her weaves are more reliable and her seesaw has sped up a lot so the little bit of winter training we have managed has paid off. Here is a pic of Dolly and her sister Dixie flying! Look at those happy spanner ears!!

Little Diva was enjoying the sun yesterday as well! 

I'm off to teach at the Dog Barn again tomorrow-Brooke is helping me work out which course to use! I did a couple of contacts workshops at my friend Helens on Saturday and it was good fun to teach some lovely dogs and handlers. Matt did one of my workshops with Brooke who enjoyed it lots but it showed up what we need to work on :)

After such a busy weekend all they wanted to do was sleep..zzzzz

Next weekend is possibly first show of the year-exciting!! Also Sparkle has just started her weave training so watch this space...

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  1. Great weather Lovely pics :) Oh you'll be soooo excited good luck!