Monday, 24 March 2014

Birthday girls!

Our two lovely sable girls had birthdays in the last week-Brooke turned 3 last Wednesday and little Bracken is 9 today!! Bracken is showing no signs of growing up at all and is still as fiesty and naughty as ever! We have a lot to thank that crazy little ginger for-she introduced us to the world of competitive agility and we have met so many friends through people coming up to talk to us about Bracken! She is definitely unique and we love her to bits!

I can't believe that Brooke bean and her brother Sonic turned three. She is so different to Bracken in so many ways-she is much more cuddly and 'sweet' at home but they are both crazy about agility and toys! Much less fiesty than Brax but just as gobby :D

Here is a video of Brax and Matt having a run round at the field-she doesn't act her age at all! 

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  1. Happy B'Day girls x Yip the wee pocket rocket is still flying looking great!