Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Where to start?!

Hmmmm seem to be behind in blogging again! On bank holiday weekend we went to the FAB show in Gloucester. Again it was a lovely set up, fenced rings, very laid back and good training for baby dogs. We had entered Brooke in Newbie agility and jumping and the two older ones were doing the IFCS qualifiers again. Brooke was a little star as she managed to run with her 'Grandma' Lian standing watching and only had one distracted moment (on a tunnel of all things!) and did lovely weaves, Af and DW.

Brodie had had a bad tummy on saturday and I almost didn't run him but I'm glad I did as he did well getting 3rd in Agility, 2nd in Jumping and Q (qualifying score) in Gamblers. You had to send them off into the weaves in gamblers and layer a jump - both Brax and Brodie managed this really well and it was weird that loads of the bigger dogs didn't manage the layer.

Brax was a total superstar and managed 3rd in agility, 1st in jumping and a Q in both snooker and gamblers. Her jumping run was awesome and all the videos can be seen on my YouTube channel. Jumping really is her thing - she thinks contacts are a waste of time!! It is entirely our fault as she is our first 'proper' agility dog and she was never trained how to do contacts consistently as a youngster. We have messed around with them waaaay too much and the old adage of 'what they learn first, they learn best' is very true in Brax's case! We have been training her to run her Aframe and stop on her dog walk and she is fabby in training but it all goes out of the window at shows. More NFC runs needed I think!!

Brax's dw walk in training this week - trying to muddle up rewarding and fast releases. The video is a fast release and her position is perfect :)

Brooke has been doing a lot of stopping on her dog walk recently and after a minor blip of forgetting how to run, she hasn't muddled them up again!

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