Monday, 10 June 2013

Sheltie Camp and Bitz 'n' Chips shows

Sheltie camp was great fun as usual! We went last friday and took the equipment down to Surrey in a transit van which we then slept in for a couple of nights! The dogs were great considering they are not used to camping and it was Sparkles first night away from home.

I had found a cheap puppy pen that was invaluable for the dogs to be in while I was teaching - they enjoyed watching the action I think! We had some fantastic shelties and handlers who were really keen to learn and enthusiastic! We did different sessions throughout the day and had a little course at the end for everyone to have a go at. It was lovely seeing the partnerships grow in confidence over the weekend as many have never competed.

Sparkle is now 18 weeks old and is at the lanky teenageer stage! She is skinny and awkward at the moment and chewing like crazy as she is teething. She is still a little superstar though and LOVES learning new things!  I have booked her on to her first puppy workshop next month with Dave Munnings so that will be fun :)

Sparkle and Dolly asleep after a busy day walking round the rings!

Brodie and Brax had a great weekend at Bitz n Chips shows! Brax didn't compete as it was a KC show much to her disgust! Brooke managed to get a 1st in C1-3 jumping, 2nd in C1-3 Ag and 3rd in C1-7 Jumping (behind to G7 dogs!) Her and Matthew looked like a real partnership in the ring for the first time and it was a real joy to watch them :) I won't bore you all with videos but if anyone wants to look they are on my YouTube page. (The pic below was taken on saturday so Brooke doesn't have her 1st place rosette)

Brodie did me proud even though he was slightly WILD! He was crazy in the first agility but WON the C6-7 Agility! He was such a dude, love my boy! Sadly no vid of his winning run but there is a video from Sunday on an interesting course. He finished just out of the placings but I'm really pleased with his dog walk to weaves :) Also huge well done to Caroline and Bobby for winning the SuperDarl G1 final, Jenni and Rommy who came 2nd in G3 jumping and Helen and her gang who had numerous wins and placings!!

Here are a few pics from a sunny sheltie walk - love Brax's tail getting all bushy and Brodie looking so posh after his bath - thanks Jenni. Click on pics to make them bigger to laugh at Brax's tail!!

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