Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Brookey-wooky videos :)

This post is mostly about Brooke puppy as she is so clever :) We went to Cippenham agility show on Sunday and it was a 'young dog' day out as we had decided to concentrate on Dolly and Brooke as there were a couple of C1-3 classes. 

Jumping first and Brooke was a good girly, missed a jump as came in a bit to Matthew on a star but its the sort of thing that she would have done in training but needed him to be a wee bit closer in the ring. her weaves were lovely though! Dolly ran the same course and had to content with a broken handler, bless her! She had a refusal but the rest of it was nice - her weaves were tentative but she did them! Lots of dogs had gone off to see the judge so I was pleased that neither of ours did.

Agility next and Brooke was up first. Matthew really wanted her to get her seesaw after her flying fox impression at BATS so that was the goal. Well little star only went and ran clear! It was a nice course but the jump after the tunnel had caused some issues. Matt managed a good head start so he could be up the other end of the tunnel. Her contacts were good - still a bit creepy and Matt did hold her for a fair while on them (I love the fact in the video all you can see on the seesaw is her tail wagging!) Also first time seeing a wall and she didn't question it. Brooke finished 4th out of about 70ish dogs and only a second behind the winner :)

Brooke's last class was the C1-7 Helterskelter and she had a blast! It was tricky enough at the start that a lot of dogs got E'd but the rest of it was a flowing course. Brooke did such a good job and although she is still not going the speed she does at training, she is starting to run with more focus. The pole was really unlucky but it was nice that the scorer said it was a cracking run and she would have won by 2 seconds! Amazing baby doglet as there were 90 ish in the class and some very fast dogs. Here is the video, please excuse Sparkle squawking in the background!

Here are a couple of pics of Dolly (and Mr Toad looking unimpressed!)

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  1. Really good runs, she's a very clever girlie :) Loved the tail wag :)