Thursday, 9 May 2013

Merry month of May!

The sun is out and all of the animals are dumping their winter woollies big style!! Little Diva is still quite little, she is a beautiful girly and very laid back about most things. Other things (like having jabs) she is, well, a diva about!! Her winter coat is phenomenal and it is coming out in clumps. At least the local birds are happy collecting it for their nests!!

Mr Max on the other hand has a full clip every year so he isn't too hairy and is looking really well at the moment. He is going to be 16 on saturday and he will have his extra carrots in his dinner :)

I have had a really busy couple of weeks but I love being busy and  seeing all my lovely doglets and clients. This is Brodie and Pipi out on a walk in the sun - they are my tri colour gang :)

Little Sparkle continues to be a star puppy. She is different to the shelties in that she wants to dive bomb ANYBODY for cuddles which is great. Nothing really phases her and we are doing lots of baby fun things - lots of tricks and playing, calling away from other dogs (I don't like them playing like maniacs especially if they won't call away from other dogs) lots of short off lead walks and we are now doing 15 min on lead walks round the block solo - big girl!!

Sparkles three favourite things - toys, cuddles and sitting in washing up bowls!!

The shelties did some training over the weekend. Well Brooke and Brax did but poor Brodie had recovered from his injury in time to have a bad tummy! Poor Brodie, I think the heat and Brooke being in season got to him over the weekend. He seems better now but next time I might arrange for him to stay with a friend for a few days.

Brax believe it or not trained for three days in a row - not for any length of time but she loved it!! She is running so well. Helen and I had a lesson with Dan and I ran Brax - blooming heck she made me run!! We also set up a couple of tricky courses for fun over the weekend and this is Brax doing a bit of training

Dolly spaniel had a run round with me (I was suffering with a horrendous cold-typical for a bank holiday!) she was great fun and is now sticking 12 weaves into courses really well :)

Here is Brodie (post bad tummy but still not over Brooke!) running a Masters jumping course. I was really impressed with how all the dogs tackled it. I had some of my competing clients having a go and they did really well - v proud!!

Brooke puppy wasn't quite on form - poss as it was still the end of her season and it was very hot. She had a bash at the Masters jumping and got distracted by the Aframe bless her but not a bad attempt at all. You might want to turn the sound off for Brooke running!!

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