Thursday, 7 June 2012

Quad Paws UKA

The shelties did their first show for a month on saturday! Boy did they have fun and so did we :)  The weather was kind to us and it was lovely to meet up with agility friends again. We only entered two classes each with Bracken and Brodie as one of the main aims of going was to get Brooke out and about round the rings and playing over a practice jump. Its not long until she can do a NFC run at a UKA show which is very exciting and also quite nerve-wracking! She is managing to string things together quite well and had her first go on the Aframe this week (bull in a china shop puppy as normal!) so probably no 'big dog' agility yet but no hurry! We just want her happy and focussed at shows.

Sorry went off on a Brooke tangent! Brodie and Brax both won their jumping class (Brax is champ level and Brodie is senior). I was really pleased with my jumping run as Matthew suggested taking an alternative route to everyone else (he normally does!) and although it was risky it was faster. I love the tactics of course walking and although I'm the first to admit I'm not very competitive I am trying to take the attitude of trying to 'beat the course' this year. Its one part of teaching that I enjoy immensely with my advanced class and we set up courses and run them in different ways. Its great to work out what works best for each pairing and what needs work on. I know that Brodie for example is fastest chasing me round a course and struggles with rear crosses to the right after his back problem last year. Lian (Brooke's breeder) kindly took a video of Brodie's jumping run.

Brodie and Brax ran over the same course for the agility as it was the CSJ quailfier which means the two fastest dogs from novice, senior and champ combined qualify for the finals in December. We hadn't gone with any intention of qualifying but for getting round the course clear! Brax came 2nd to Lian's Sizzle (Brodie's brother) who qualified - well done Sizzle and Lian!! Brax was 3rd fastest overall so didn't qualify but sooooo pleased with her contacts as they have been neglected a bit! Here is her agility run thanks to Colin and Lian.

Brodie won senior agility on the same course (no video) and was 2nd fastest overall so has qualified for the finals!! I was pleased that I managed to get him round clear as it was quite a clever course and only one novice dog went clear and only a handful in senior and champ. I handled it differently from Matthew with Brax as I flicked him the other way round the wing before the weaves. It was a tight entry but he did me proud! He had such a great time and even got to share some of Lian's ice cream as a well done!!
Matthew borrowed Lian's Sipzie for a steeplechase run and they did really well and WON the class!! She really made Matthew run!!

Oh, Brodie and Brax have had their eyes tested by Professor Bedford today and both passed with flying colours - he even commented on how well behaved they are!! :-D

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