Saturday, 19 May 2012

Breed show and Brooke weaves

Brodie and I went to a breed show today and my wee toad was such a clever boy coming 4th in his class! My aim is to do a few more shows this year and then show him at Crufts next year. He has his stud book number (from his agility RCC) so already has lifetime Crufts qualification. He really enjoyed his day out and its nice to dabble in something different occasionally, especially as I have the worst cold this week so running around doing agility would be out of the question! Thanks to my friend Eve who drove today and kept me right as its years since I have shown. Her gorgeous springer Flint got 3rd in his class so our boys did us proud!

Now we have our own set of weaves, we can get to work training Brooke more seriously - little princess is 14 months today!! She did three V-weaves last monday, six on tuesday, thursday and friday. Each session is very short, only about 5 - 10 mins and we are teaching her with her manners minder (best invention ever!!) Matthew took a video of her weaves today and on her 6th session she is really getting it. She is a clever little bean :-) We are sending her from slight angles and doing recalls, sends and being alongside her. Our hallway is quite narrow so no chance of teaching her to be too dependent on our movement!

I also have to say a massive well done to Brooke's breeder Lian with Brodie's brother Sizzle who has come 4th in the World Agility Open Games competition!! The England team has done really well so massive congratulations to all of them. We really enjoyed the experience last year as the team is so supportive and its amazing walking the courses and watching the best dogs in the world compete.

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  1. Well done Brodie :) Great news about Lian and wee Sizzle :)