Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dreams can come true!!

Well after years of hankering after our own equipment, we finally have some!! It depended on being able to rent a field and we found somewhere only 5 mins drive from the house, best of all there is a toilet and coffee shop on site!! To be honest, so much agility now relies on being able to practice often enough so our dogs will benefit enormously from short regular sessions. Also Brooke is now old enough to be doing weaves and contact training and she loves her new equipment!!

Over the weekend we went to Sheltie Camp where Matthew and I were doing the agility training side for the two days. We had hired a transit van to take our shiny new equipment from the factory straight to Surrey. The van doubled up as a hotel for the weekend - not a warm experience!! Brooke got to travel on the front seat of the van and enjoyed looking out!

This is the new kit - very adjustable jumps which are light and easy to move and all rubber contacts :)

At sheltie camp there was the chance to do Rally, tracking, obedience, heelwork to music and agility! This is Brodie doing scent work for fun in the ball pool. He also did some tracking training to find sets of keys and was really good at it - well it did involve food!

Lian took some amazing photos of our doggles - this is Brax with one of the obedience sendaway markers!

My handsome boy!

Princess Brooke puppy and her Bridget Jones knickers!!

All together!

The shelties had such a great time and we really enjoyed training. There was everything from young dogs just starting to grade 7's and so many lovely, talented shelties! I look forward to seeing them again.

This is a video of Miss Brooke doing a short sequence at camp - first session on equipment for about 6  weeks cos of her split pad so she was a bit mad!!

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  1. LOL! Wow that is some skirt on her! OMG sleeping in a van brrrrrr! Good to hear you've got somewhere close to train!